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Rosie the Riveter

The first item we need to change is our mindset, replacing it with a “Can Do!” attitude particularly as it pertains to small businesses in Indian Trail.

Small Businesses have always been the backbone of America; by some reports, they employ up to 70% of our workforce and create 60 to 80 percent of the net new jobs according to SBA. Yet government continues to assail the Small Business owner with additional taxes and frivolous ordinances and nothing to encourage investment or entrepreneurship. We live in the highest-taxed state in the Southeast and this really puts us at a disadvantage when it comes to competing with other states.

It is obvious when reading our local ordinances that pertain to business/commercial; that they were not authored by anyone that had to meet a payroll or had to decide whether to pay the rent or the electric bill. Oh, I am sure it sounded like a good idea at the time but did anyone checkout the domino effect?

I say enough of the tail wagging the dog. I want these reviewed by people that know; not some bureaucrat. And how about enacting a few that actually help instead of hinder growth?

Do you see the Privilege in your “Privilege License”?

By broadening the tax base with commercial, it will make us less dependent on our residential tax base thus giving Indian Trail the additional funds it needs for better services without a tax hike. This can be done responsibly by setting the bar high, encouraging the right industry. We have within Indian Trail an incredible resource, and that is our residents. We have a highly educated workforce that we can market to the right industries; no one’s going to give it to us. We have to take it.

“We Can Do It!”

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