Municipal Security

The American Watch-Dog

Security is one of the fundamental responsibilities that governments should provide whether municipal or federal. The lack of Security undermines everything from our sense of community to our economy. If citizens do not feel safe, they will take on an isolationist attitude, which stymies creativity and growth of any kind.

We must have confidence in our emergency service providers, and we, as a community, must support them to the best of our fiscal ability to ensure that they have the most reliable tools available.

At this moment, I am going to speak to the ongoing debate about whether or not we should have our own police department. It is quite obvious that both sides are passionate about their opinions, but passion can be a dangerous thing if not tempered with logic.

While some may argue that this is a simple cost per capita decision, I would submit that when you call for 911, will the fact that your call is being responded to by the lowest cost responders make you feel secure?

What I have learned from my CERT (Citizens Emergency Response Team) training and my involvement with the FBI Citizens Academy is to maintain “Emotional Detachment.” The conclusion I have come to is that we need an independent comprehensive nonbiased study. Having reviewed the UNCC study, there are some areas that were simply not addressed.

“To those of you who never sleep I salute you!”

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